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You are welcome to enjoy our friendly atmosphere where friends and members of our community come to share meals, good conversations and, at times, their table.
We offer take-out lunch and dinner options as well, for up to 15 dishes.
All menu items, except the chicken/tofu unwrap and the couscous salad, can be made Gluten Free.

Our Local Suppliers include:
Cronos Cafe, Rainy River Elk, Murillo Bread, Superior Seltzers, International House of Tea, Thunder Oak Cheese Farm, Belluz farms (seasonal), Mile Hill Farms, Brule Creek Farms


  • Garden Grill
    Garden Grill

    Savoury marinated zucchini, onions and roasted red peppers, topped with feta and grilled to perfection on two pieces of local bread.

    Served with side salad topped with sesame-ginger dressing.

    Worth the wait!

  • Venus Rice Bowl
    Venus Rice Bowl

    Organic brown basmati rice, raw shredded beets, carrots and spinach, roasted tofu and sprouted lentils dressed in a delicious house-made tahini sauce.

  • Chipotle Chicken or Tofu Unwrap

    Delicious warm naan heaping with heritage greens, sprouted lentils, roasted chicken or tofu, roasted red peppers and sesame snaps topped with our famous chipotle dressing.

  • Greek Goddess Cous-Cous
    Greek Goddess Cous-Cous

    Veggie-stock infused cous-cous, fresh baby tomatoes, cucumbers, feta & and marinated olives served on a bed of heritage greens dressed with Greek dressing and warm naan.

  • Season Sandwich
    Our signature dish, this open-faced sandwich is local bread, topped with Thunder Oak Gouda, grilled to perfection and layered with sliced avocado and our house-made pesto drizzle and served with side salad topped with sesame-ginger dressing.
  • Big Life Plate
    Perfect for sharing, the Growing Season's tapas plate. Rainy River cured elk, Thunder Oak Gouda, house-made garlic humus & marinated olives, veggie sticks, fruit, local bread and gluten free corn chips.
  • Hummus Plate
    House made garlic hummus, marinated olives, veggie sticks, gluten free corn chips and local bread makes a great appetizer!
  • Living Salad
    Heritage greens topped with sprouted lentils, baby tomatoes, fresh avocado & baked tofu dressed with our amazing sesame-ginger dressing - Served with local bread.
  • Harvest Salad
    Heritage greens topped with sprouted lentils, fresh pear, roasted chicken, feta cheese & dried cranberries - dressed with lemon vinaigrette & drizzled with pesto - Served with local bread.
  • Build Your Own Salad
    Choose 2 proteins: chicken, tofu, gouda, feta, rice and couscous. Choose 3 veggies: sprouts, reds, carrots, beets, celery, cucumber and pear. Choose 1 topping: cranberries, pumpkin seeds, sesame snaps. Choose a dressing: chipotle, sesame, pesto, lemon vinaigrette, tahini, greek. Choose a side: corn chips, rye bread, multi grain bread. Add more protein for 2.50 each and more veg for 1.50 each and more toppings for 1.50. Avocado is an add-on for $2.50


  • More Goodness
    beets and carrots

    Your choice of grated beets, grated carrots, sesame snaps, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, naan or toast, roasted red peppers, cucumbers or 1 oz extra dressing

  • Or one of these add-ons

    Your choice of baked tofu, feta cheese, hummus, avocado, Thunder Oak gouda, roasted chicken breast

  • Soup
    soup Regular Soup $6.00 -- Alternatively, try our Soup Special - $9.75
    from $6


  • Big Red (juice)
    juicesquare150pxOrange, carrot and beet -- 12 oz $6 -- 16 oz $7
  • Elevate (juice)
    spinach, cucumber, celery, pineappele and apple  -- 12 oz $6 -- 16 oz $7
  • Energize (juice)
    pineapple, apple, pear -- 12 oz $6 -- 16 oz $7
  • Immune (juice)
    orange, carrot, ginger -- 12 oz $6 -- 16 oz $7
  • Liver Alive (juice)
    beet, apple, carrot, spinach -- 12 oz $6 -- 16 oz $7
  • Refresh (juice)
    apple, carrot, lime -- 12 oz $6 -- 16 oz $7
  • Stress Buster (juice)
    carrot, spinach, apple, celery -- 12 oz $6 -- 16 oz $7
  • Yin Elixir (juice)
    celery, cucumber, spinach, pear, lemon or lime -- 12 oz $6 -- 16 oz $7
  • Big Blue Shake
    shake150pxblueberries, banana, soy milk, whey protein -- 12 oz  $7  --  16 oz  $8
  • Growing Season Green Shake
    banana, pineapple, soy milk, "greens+" -- 12 oz  $7  --  16 oz  $8
  • Strawberry Fields Shake
    strawberries, bananas, soy milk, organic agave, organic hemp protein -- 12 oz  $7  --  16 oz  $8
  • Tropic Thunder Shake
    mango, pineapple, banana, soy milk, whey protein -- 12 oz  $7  --  16 oz  $8
  • Cocomania Shake
    strawberry, banana, coconut water, ground flaxseed -- 16 oz
  • Superior Seltzer
    ss150pxReduced fruits and organic cane sugar on soda water and ice -- 16 oz
  • Coffee
    Organic Fair Trade Coffee
  • Tea
    Afternoon Black, Red Rooibos, Green Tea, Dehydrated Ginger (add lemon/honey)